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 Avarcas, also known as Albarcas o Menorquinas is the traditional footwear from Menorca. Menorca is the second largest island of the Balearic Islands, located in the Mediterranean sea in Spain. It is a highly desirable place to visit because of its beautiful beaches, green countryside, blue sea and sky and white of the houses. Menorca is also the home of the famous Avarca sandals.
Avarca sandals are handcrafted from top quality and authentic leather according to the traditional measures and using recycled tire rubber soles. All models, men’s, women’s, and children’s, conserve the essence of the original Menorcan avarcas: a shoe with more than a century of tradition, comfortable and resistant, first worn by countrymen and farmers, re-invented to become a basic and essential accessory for those who are looking for style and comfort all day long.

The soles of our avarcas are handcrafted by the local artisans of the island of Menorca using recycled motor bike tires, which are converted into a trendy and functional footwear.
Among the loyal followers of this fashion you will find the Spanish Royal Family.

Look always for the Avarca de Menorca Logo.

Nowadays, due to its popularity, some manufacturers have come up with many fake imitations that are far from the authentic, artisan and top quality measures and materials used in the genuine avarcas. The local goverment (Consell Insular) and the Shoemaker Association of Menorca (Associacío de fabricants del Calçat de Menorca), in order to protect the traditional avarca handcrafted in the island, have developed the sign "Product of Menorca" that ensures the highest quality standards and the authenticiy of the avarca sandal.
About the Pons brand
avarcasUSA exclusively features original Avarcas Pons

, a family owned business located in Ciutadella and specialized in artisan Menorcan avarcas since 1945. The current manufacturers are the third generation of shoemakers that have proudly continued the family tradition. Avarcas Pons are well known for being handcrafted in workshops where every last detail is given the utmost attention: from the raw materials used to their design and finishing, to achieve a product of the highest quality. The collection of Avarcas Pons ranges from the most rustic models to the most fashionable ones, with a wide range of beautiful colors, platforms and leathers.

Written by peter grant — June 23, 2012

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