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Lille Butik

Must Have Kids Shoes for Fall

It's that time again , the Kids are going back to school and they need new shoes.

Something that will really last , and look great for a long time. And most importantly they must have comfort , style and then you and your kid also have to agree.

We found the perfect fit ...........take a look.

It just makes sense !

So whether you are going to school or going out on the town , these shoes match every time.



I recommend you try Bumbums and Baubles .

I am sure you are going to love them.


I'm sure Elsa as entered your home , just as she  has mine , and millions of home across the land. And I get weekly request for Elsa and Anna costumes from Frozen .
Silver shoes Bahia by Bumbums and Baubles 
Bahia by bumbums and baubles
These cornflower blue Ruche mary janes shoes are sweet and comfortable shoes.
arriving this week and 
Petal in sky blue by Livie & luca
We absolutely love bumbums and baubles , Lily is a great choice when looking for cute comfortable shoes .the bow can come off and your daughter can get to accessorize with fun baubles sold separately .
these cute shoes are versatile , and will match so many outfits .
We love ANNA too !!!
LILY by Bumbums and Baubles
mary jane shoes , black todddler shoes mary jane shoes , black shoes
Anna wears a black boot in the movie , but all of these are great choices for the summer .
Petal ocean blue pro tempore LIMITED EDITION  by Livie and Luca .
Sadie and Bahia styles  above.  Cute sandals by Bumbums and Baubles . 
We hope this is a help in finding the perfect pair of cute shoes matching Frozen and so much more .
You will find a link in each image the the shoe of your interest . Happy summer. #FROZEN


We are so excited to be one of the few select stores to carry the PRO TEMPORE LIMITED EDITION LINE  by Livie and Luca. 
Last fall we got petals ( another sure favorite ) as the pro tempore release , and this summer the surprise is a collection of fun and adorable colors in shimmer leather .
cornflower shimmer by livie and luca
The light blue shimmer leather is so sweet , and the leather lining in a blush pink , adds an extra splash of playful .
Blue shoes seem to go with everything , Really .
somehow this color shoe  is like magic, and is a great choice  .
Fun Red Dress and blue shoes, jeans and blue shoes .
Yellow dress ......blue shoes . see ,you can't go wrong ....Magic.
It is like birthday party, and cupcake frosting , and cotton candy , and marsh mellow fluff.
I want to eat these ,they are so delicious .
Every day should be a party and these should not be saved for a special occasion , live it up ,and wear them every day .
A true princess knows .
Fairyland and unicorns comes to mind .Lollipops , and garden party.
Would you like some tea.........................
Ruche really has it all , both comfort and style . Now in the new summer colors  at www.lillebutik.com
enjoy and happy shopping .

Livie & Luca Spring Release

Yes I said spring release , ….I seems early for most to start thinking about spring shoes , but these absolutely adorable shoes are the hottest ticket for spring and since there are so many great styles from Livie &Luca I guess they just start early .

So here is what is arriving next week ……. remember to breath while we go through this, as breathtaking, can in some cases be an understatement.

Here we go!


PETAL is the name of these to die for cute sandals .

They are now an every season release By Livie & Luca , since they have become the cats meow of girls footwear .

Honestly , if you are the owner of a pair of these cuties you will agree. They just always look good .Dress them up , Dress them down .

It doesn't matter , they make good look great , and great look amazing .



SUNDAY  Just like the dessert , 3 scoops of icecream must have been the inpiration for this versatile spring shoe  3

 kinds of leather , flat sparkling and patent on the toe , makes up this sweet treat for spring. .did I mention, it also comes in a navy.



CARTA  in ocean blue . This shoe made in fabric , By livie & Luca , holds a handwritten love letter from a mother to a daughter in the lining of the shoe. . This shoe quickly became a sweetheart in many households ( including mine) , last season and is returning this year in 3 colors . Gray ,Fushcia, and Ocean Blue . This is a great choice , and fits so many outfits .





Dawn is a much loved style returning . Like the rays of light , when the sun comes up , this adorable shoe in jean blue will sparkle . straps with a sweet silver cloud .



RUCHE  in shimmering magenta leather , is a shoe we all can agree on . Ruche  is a stable in the collection from Livie & Luca ,always in new colors . .All little girls love pink and all moms want a go to shoe . Ruche is the perfect fit . 



ATLAS  I love this new boys shoe for spring . If I had a little boy ( I don't) he would without a doubt , be wearing these " little traveler"shoes By Livie and Luca . An outline of a map is inbosed in the leather , a worldly choice , for your super stylish little man . Also comes in vintage brown leather. .....yum



Zebra a great addition to the Elephant already so popular unisex shoe . Zebra is for boys and girls and is a fun way to add to a simple outfit . not only does it have eyes and nose , but a little tale in the back ...so cute .! 


We have a great collection in stock for you this season , so come shop with us at www.lillebutik.com.



All customers shopping between dec 1st 2013 and feb 1st are entered to win a pair of new spring petals .



we look forward to finding our winner and let them pick their favorite pair .

Let's Play ! - Giveaway !

Why should the kids have all the fun ?
Honestly us mammas, need a little fun too . So the next few days we are gonna play -PIN IT TO WIN IT .
I personally love my Pinterest page , and find myself pinning all kinds of great stuff , From cute how-to's I want to make ,  to what to give the husband for christmas .
It is endless how many great Ideas I find there .


So here is how the game is played .

Simply go to www.lillebutik.com and pick a style you would like to pin . Scroll down a little and find the Pinterest button under the description.

CLICK IT !  . Now pick which board of yours ,you would like it to be pinned on . It's that easy ………!

Now go back and do it again ! 

For every time you pinned a new style, you are entered to win . you may do this as many times as you like to get better odds of winning .

3 pins minimum to enter.


Don't have an account yet , fear not, it is easy to sign up …..go to www.pinterest.com and get one today.





Well,  we want to make it fair . So we are gonna pick 2 winners .

#1  picked at random from all pins …. the more you  pin the better the odds . 

#2  picked for having pinned the most items . 


each winner may pick 1 pair of shoes. up to the value of $56  


Most importantly ………HAVE FUN!


The winner is picked on dec 2nd and will be contacted.

Winners name will also be posted here . 

#1 winner is Stephanie griffin

#2 winner is lisbet frank


thank you for playing this great game . we will be in touch




If you want to follow us We are at www.pinterest.com/lillebutik/


If you win and have already made a purchase between nov 25th - dec2. you purchase for one pair of shoes will be refunded.


 #giveaway #pinittowinit #sweepstakes #livieandluca #bumbumsandbaubles

Pro tempora , the limited edition collection of petal sandals bY livie and Luca

Petals are back and this time , for the first time as a fall release .

Wow ,this was a great surprise , for all of us .

The much loved ,oh so adorable , cats meow of sandals …….the petal.  was released on november 1st 

And we are proud to say that Lille Butik are one of the very few and select stores carrying this sort after style .

They have a unique vintage feel to them and are often matched with the very popular Mathilda jane brand as well as KPea, and Persnickety.

Depending on how they are styled, they could even go on the rockabilly child .


Pro Tempore collection is the name of the 3 fall /winter colors .

Black is so classic 

Every girl needs her black go-to pair of shoes ….Right? Livie and Luca sure delivered .

Ocean blue . The royal treatment .

This color is just  to die for and would definitely show off that your little one ,got some passes.

Burgundy  just stole my heart .It is just right with any outfit this fall , not to mention that it possibly is the most perfect christmas and holiday season shoe.

It is simply the must have  girl shoe .


Avarcas sandals



 Avarcas, also known as Albarcas o Menorquinas is the traditional footwear from Menorca. Menorca is the second largest island of the Balearic Islands, located in the Mediterranean sea in Spain. It is a highly desirable place to visit because of its beautiful beaches, green countryside, blue sea and sky and white of the houses. Menorca is also the home of the famous Avarca sandals.
Avarca sandals are handcrafted from top quality and authentic leather according to the traditional measures and using recycled tire rubber soles. All models, men’s, women’s, and children’s, conserve the essence of the original Menorcan avarcas: a shoe with more than a century of tradition, comfortable and resistant, first worn by countrymen and farmers, re-invented to become a basic and essential accessory for those who are looking for style and comfort all day long.

The soles of our avarcas are handcrafted by the local artisans of the island of Menorca using recycled motor bike tires, which are converted into a trendy and functional footwear.
Among the loyal followers of this fashion you will find the Spanish Royal Family.

Look always for the Avarca de Menorca Logo.

Nowadays, due to its popularity, some manufacturers have come up with many fake imitations that are far from the authentic, artisan and top quality measures and materials used in the genuine avarcas. The local goverment (Consell Insular) and the Shoemaker Association of Menorca (Associacío de fabricants del Calçat de Menorca), in order to protect the traditional avarca handcrafted in the island, have developed the sign "Product of Menorca" that ensures the highest quality standards and the authenticiy of the avarca sandal.
About the Pons brand
avarcasUSA exclusively features original Avarcas Pons

, a family owned business located in Ciutadella and specialized in artisan Menorcan avarcas since 1945. The current manufacturers are the third generation of shoemakers that have proudly continued the family tradition. Avarcas Pons are well known for being handcrafted in workshops where every last detail is given the utmost attention: from the raw materials used to their design and finishing, to achieve a product of the highest quality. The collection of Avarcas Pons ranges from the most rustic models to the most fashionable ones, with a wide range of beautiful colors, platforms and leathers.

Lille butik is open online

 As of june 3rd 2012  we are open online and ready to serve you.

We are so excited about the work being done on our showroom , in the next few weeks.

And can't wait to show you  the outcome.

stay tuned


Lille Butik is a children's shoe store specializing in kids footwear, with a selection of high Quality footwear, comfortable baby shoes, and kids shoes. From kids sandals, leather shoes to the perfect boot. We offer footwear for all seasons and carry your favorite brands such as Livie and Luca, Elephantito, BumBums & Baubles , PLAE , and Palladium. Here you will find healthy shoes and the best in flexible, comfortable and stylish kids shoes.

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